Update 6-19-17

The DrunkStrong shirts are IN....but unfortunately I am outta town for a few days.  If you REALLY want one, e-mail me.  I'll add you to the list of folks to contact as soon as I'm back and I'll offer you a GREAT DEAL on the shirts as my way of saying THANKS for waiting (as in FREE SHIPPING!)


In the meantime, check out our Storenvy page with:

  • another Great Service Auto T with a small design on the front, large design on the back
  • Shortbus
  • Team Terror Shark
  • SingleSpeed AssAssins! Club, available in front only as well a front & back design


Image Factory Design has developed its own unique style over the past 20 years.  Influenced by hot rod pinstripers, custom auto painters and the Saturday morning cartoons of the 70’s, Dwayne Hunter’s artwork has been seen all over the world, featured in various magazines and won a few awards over that time.

You will see lots of skulls, flames, cartoons and cool flowing lines on these pages.  Much of the artwork was designed to be appreciated at a car show or on a t-shirt however, some find it just as suitable hanging in their home.

We have two online stores.  Our PRODUCTS page offers the items we have in-house and ready to ship.  Our STORENVY page offer the items that are printed on-demand.